Accountability That Works

Core Strengths Accountability training is ideal for leaders seeking to create a system that unleashes the power of personal responsibility.

Core Strengths helps organizations build this culture of accountability by teaching people how to:
Accurately Assess Workplace Situations:

Diagnose what’s happening in a situation, how their perceptions of reality may be distorted, and which interpersonal strengths they must deploy to create the results their team or organization needs.

Embrace the Power to Choose:

Discover that they have more strengths available to them than they thought. Learn how to draw from a full palette of strengths-unlocking their own power to seize the initiative, innovate and make smart decisions.

Be Responsible for their Actions and Results:

Find out how to take ownership of their actions and the outcomes those actions produce-rather than expending energy on who should get credit or be blamed for an outcome.

Core Strengths training is unique in several key respects:
It’s founded on the time-tested Strength Deployment Inventory.

Created in 1971, the SDI has helped more than 2 million people learn how to choose the right strength at the right time, and has been proven valid and reliable through rigorous testing.

It’s Interactive.

Learners have a wealth of opportunities during the training to analyze and discuss their SDI results with peers in small groups, gaining fresh insights into their own and others’ most powerful motivators.

It’s Experiential.

Through an innovative video platform, learners accompany three protagonists as they discover the art and science of taking accountability for deploying their strengths most effectively in the workplace.

The Core Strengths Program includes the following modules:
Develop Accountability Through Strengths

The Key to Personal Responsibility: Identify your strengths and master how to link ownership to what drives you. Use your Accountability Action Planner to delve into a high-stakes situation you’re currently facing.

Understand Your Core

The Drive for Accountability: Analyze the results from the SDI assessment as you look at how you prioritize your drive for People, Performance and Process. Link your motives to what drives you to create ownership for results — the key to sustainable accountability.

The Impact of Filters

Owning Your Perceptions: Discover how to frame a situation and learn how filters affect your ability to perceive what really matters when working with your team. Learn to see beyond limitations and effectively take ownership for your results.

Accountability in Conflict

Triggers and Changing Conditions: Hone your ability to spot the sometimes subtle—and not so subtle—signs of conflict. Learn to choose strengths that de-escalate or prevent conflict so you can focus on building accountability in your team.

Working With Core Strengths

Developing the Skill of Accountability: Learn how to put the skill of accountability to work in a high-stakes situation you’re currently facing. Practice taking initiative with your strategically selected strengths and generate accountability from within.