Get Your People to Want to Be Accountable

Attend a Core Strengths Accountability Pilot Workshop and learn how to build a proactive culture of accountability in your organization.

Core Strengths Accountability begins by integrating three business priorities:
  • People: helping and developing others
  • Performance: directing action and achieving results
  • Process: establishing clear and meaningful order
Case Study: More Collaboration, Plus Drastically Reduced Employee Turnover

A large bank was concerned that its managers weren’t being accountable for problems in their branches. They were referring too many interpersonal conflicts to Human Resources. Core Strengths Accountability training improved their interpersonal skill ratings by 67%. Additionally, a subsequent study showed that these managers cut the amount of time they spent dealing with conflict by 25%. When the managers chose to take accountability for their high-stake situations, they not only improved real-time results, they also cut their employee turnover rate in half.

From: International Society for Performance Improvement

What you’ll learn at the event:

In this action-oriented workshop, you’ll discover how to:

  • Create a proactive culture of “accountability by choice” in your team.
  • Select and utilize the best of your own 28 strengths in any given high-stakes situation, to generate the right business results.
  • Analyze your results from our valid and reliable assessments—including the Strength Deployment Inventory—to understand how to best deploy your own strengths.
How you’ll learn:

In the Core Strengths Accountability Workshop, you’ll get direct access to strategies and techniques for engaging co-workers so they will want to become more accountable.

You’ll learn through:

  • Interactive lessons on how to assess a business situation and select the right strengths to deploy
  • Productive discussions with peers about common stumbling blocks and strategies for overcoming them
  • State-of-the-art tools such as the Strength Deployment Inventory and the Strengths Portrait, which help you learn how to find the preferred strengths in others, as well
  • Hands-on exercises that let you practice the skills essential for Accountability by Choice

You’ll leave the session with the knowledge and skills critical to create favorable outcomes for your highest-stakes workplace situations—including a workable action plan tailored to a specific situation you’re facing now. Your plan will detail:

  • What’s happening in the situation and how to achieve your goals
  • Who your stakeholders are and what motivates them
  • What strengths you need to deploy with your stakeholders to create the best possible outcomes
  • Your personal Accountability by Choice 90 day strategy
Put Your Plan Into Action

All participants complete an in-class action plan that prepares them to apply the skill of choosing the right strengths in a high-stakes situation at work. This brings the learning to life by connecting key concepts from the training with real-world challenges from a familiar work context. Not only are they encouraged to put their new insights to an immediate test, but they are also given a consistent process to follow in other situations, sustaining the learning long after the initial classroom session.